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Year 2

Hello and welcome to the Year 2 page. We hope you had brilliant summer holiday and are ready to start back at school. Throughout the year we will keep this web-page updated with key information and snippets from the children's learning.

Key Information:

  • Reading records will be checked and signed on a weekly basis. Please read as much as possible with your child at home and sign their diary so we can celebrate this with them.
  • Can we ask that you label all of children's school clothes (and check they are regularly) so that if something does go missing, we can promptly return it.
  • Homework will be given out on a Friday and will be due in the following Friday. 
  • PE will take place every Wednesday morning, and will be led by Miss Hemmings our sports coach.
  • PE kits will come home every half term to be returned to school the first  day back.  Please ensure that your child has the correct kit, and absolutely everything is labelled.
  • Every Friday the children will be tested on their new spelling words, and a new set of spellings will be sent home. Your child's score will be recorded in their learning log for your reference. Please see below, the 'Common Exception Words'  which the children are expected to be able to spell by the end of Year 1 and 2.

Thank you so much for your support so far and please do not hesitate to contact us in person, via email or learning log.  One member of our team will always be on the Year 2 gate each mornings and at end of the day. 

Mr Murday, Miss Young, Mrs Haycock, Mrs Stamps and Mrs Brogan


Autumn Topic: Were the Tudors really terrible?

Autumn 1:

We have started our Tudor Exploration, and the children are enthralled already. 

The Battle of Bosworth 

We researched and reenacted this famous battle with each child choosing a specific role within the epic tussle. 2M were the Lancasters (led by Henry VII: Mr Murday)  and 2HY became the family of York (led by the soon to be dethroned - Richard III: Miss Young). The children absolutely loved recreating this on our school field and it really helped support our understanding of how the Tudor era began!



Finding a wife for Henry

We explored Henry's complex life and infamous marriages. With Thomas Cromwell in jail, Henry tasked Y2 with the challenge of finding his next suitable bride. Obviously this was a tricky letter to write but the children were more than up to the challenge, and drew upon all their persuasive language and charm to keep their heads! Phew!




Shipwrights Are We!

The children were greeted with a very important scroll one morning on the school gates, from Henry VIII himself. It ordered that Year 2 plan, design and build a model Tudor ship to replace ship the sunken, beloved Mary Rose. The children absolutely loved this challenge, using various recycled items, teamwork and creativity. It was a great success with some fabulous designs (and equally impressive ship names).... thankfully Henry was suitably satisfied with our attempts.


Autumn 1:

We concluded our Tudor Exploration with a Tudor Fayre, and began our exciting Christmas festivities.


Tudor Fayre Spectacular!

The children worked hard to transform our school hall into a wonderful Tudor museum, showcasing their fabulous knowledge, work and creations, which allowed us all to step back in time!  As Tudor experts, they warmly welcomed Years 1 and 4, as well as their family members. The whole experience concluded with an uplifting and informative song all about the Tudor reign! What a super experience for all.



Year 2 were able to practise and refine their scooter skills and road safety awareness during a scooterbility session ran by two qualified instructors. All the children showed EXCELLENT responsibility, respect and resilience which was highlighted and commended by our visiting scooter teachers. THe children were even able to develop their new skills around the Wildwood estate. Good job Year 2!


Our Nativity: STARGAZERS

We so excited and proud of all the children who have been working so hard to learn their parts and songs for our forthcoming nativity. It is coming along wonderfully and all the children are really looking forward to showing everyone just what they can do!