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Year 3

Welcome to our Year 3 page!

This term we are learning about the Ancient Egyptians where we hope to answer the question ‘Would you swap your life for the life of an Egyptian Pharaoh?’ We have lots of intriguing learning opportunities planned and we are excited to share our experiences with you on this page.

Key Information:

  • Music lessons are on Mondays so children will need their recorder on this day.
  • P.E. lessons will take place on Fridays. Please ensure P.E. kits are in school on this day, however children are encouraged to leave them in school all week. It is important that all items of P.E. kit are named.
  • Every Friday your child will stick in a set of spellings in to their learning logs. There will be a pattern in the spellings which the children will have been introduced to during lessons in school. These will need to be practised at home as many times as possible during the week. They will then be tested on the following Friday. More importantly, the children will also be expected to use the spelling pattern accurately in their writing to demonstrate their understanding.
  • Homework will also be given out each half-term. Children can choose from a selection of challenges and they are expected to complete one piece of homework each week. This can be handed in as the children complete them or as one project by the given deadline.
  • Learning Logs will be signed on a Friday, it’s been great to see all the reading that’s been done at home recorded in them so keep up the good work. Please ask your child to notify us if there are any messages which you wish to be passed on to us.


Please contact a member of the Year Three team if you have any questions or if we can help in any way.

Thank you for your time and support!

Miss Nash, Miss Ellis and Mrs Denning



Egyptian Day

The children in Year 3 had a fantastic start to the week when we held an Egyptian day. We were so impressed with all of the outfits that children and their parents had put together; this really added to the excitement of the day!

Both classes learnt such a lot from Dantastic, our Egyptian expert, who explained about a whole range of exciting information from life along the River Nile to mummification. We even learnt about some of the strange sympathetic cures that Egyptian doctors used! Alongside our learning with Dantastic, children also learnt about the scarab beetle and used this as inspiration for some beautiful artwork.

The children had a truly memorable day and it was enjoyed by all!



Baking Bread

In history, children have been learning about the Ancient Egyptians' lives and we discovered the types of food they ate; children were surprised that we still eat some of the food they had today!

 In our D.T. lesson, we learned about how Ancient Egyptians baked bread and then had a go at making our own. We learned that it is very different to the bread we have for our sandwiches! When planning the bread, we thought about how to make it unique so that we would know which was ours. Many children decided to add hieroglyphics to represent their name onto their design. We followed the instructions carefully to ensure we had the correct measurements of each ingredient and mixed the dough. It was very messy!

After the bread had been baked, the children got to take it home to share with their family. We had some mixed reviews on the taste and texture of the bread... I think we'll stick to Hovis next time!!