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Barnfields Primary School

At Barnfields Primary School, our intent is to promote a lifelong love of learning by delivering a meaningful education that ignites and stimulates children’s minds, alongside nurturing their talents and interests. Our bespoke and enriched knowledge-engaged curriculum recognises that knowledge and skills are the two core components to learning. It is designed with great thought and care, recognising the school’s unique characteristics and the needs of the children that it serves. 

Our curriculum encompasses not only the statutory requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage and the National Curriculum, but also a rich variety of learning intentions that engage the children in thinking and learning beyond our statutory obligation. We offer a broad curriculum that values the discipline and importance of each subject. Coherently planned lesson sequences ensure progression of knowledge and skills within the year and throughout the years. Meaningful links are made within and across subjects, enabling them to embed prior learning, think more deeply and make connections. Where possible we will utilise opportunities for cross-curricular learning; however, some subjects may be taught in discrete blocks if that is more appropriate. 

Opportunities are created for children to thrive in different subject areas through a balance of written and practical activities, enabling them to develop interpersonal skills, take risks, problem solve, build resilience and become creative, critical thinkers. Reading is at the heart of the curriculum. High-quality texts are used to ignite the children’s imagination and passion for literature. This captures the inclusive nature and high aspirations of our school.

We understand that children learn and progress at different rates. We ensure that the curriculum is taught at the appropriate level and challenge for the stage of the child's development. If required, adaptations are made to the content to ensure that it is accessible for all children at Barnfields irrespective of any educational needs or disability.

Throughout our curriculum, we prepare the children with the skills and understanding needed for later life. We aim to promote an understanding of our local community, and this is frequently used to inspire children by drawing upon the rich resources in Staffordshire. Local history is valued and studied, along with other heritage, geographical, creative and business links. Children are encouraged to compare and contrast their local area with other parts of the country/world to develop a greater understanding of social and cultural diversity. Wider global issues are also studied (especially in KS2) in order to prepare children with the skills and understanding needed for later life.

Children leave the school with a sense of belonging to a tightly-knit community where they have the confidence and skills to become responsible, respectful and active citizens who can contribute positively to society in the 21st Century.