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Curriculum design

Curriculum Development and Design 2020-2021

It is an exciting time at Barnfields at the moment. Our teachers provide a fantastic education to our children but we are constantly challenging ourselves by considering how we could improve even further. 

This year, we're committing a lot of time and resources to develop our whole-school curriculum. We have an obligation to our children - they are entitled to an excellent curriculum that offers the best possible opportunity to succeed whilst at school and beyond.

Our Barnfields Primary School Curriculum Design is based on the National Curriculum Programme of Study. We then have our Curriculum Drivers - these determine our focus so that we are confident that our curriculum is tailored to the needs of our children. Each driver is then considered across phases so that we know what they should look like in each phase and so that they are progressive in their application.

Alongside this, we have started to create well-sequenced overviews for each subject so that knowledge and skills are built upon year after year, ensuring that topics within subjects are linked and concepts deepened. This will culminate in the creation of our whole-school curriculum overview.

We've already made huge steps towards shaping our curriculum and we are committed to getting this right. 

Topic Overview 2021-2022