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Eco warriors

What are Eco Warriors?

The Eco Warriors are made up of pupils at Barnfields Primary School from Year 1 to Year 6. Mrs Walker is the staff member who is responsible for this team.  The Eco Warriors have been democratically elected from each class and and they meet regularly to discuss community projects that the school can be involved in, as well as ways to make our school more environmentally friendly. 

The representatives are easily recognisable across the school because they wear their badges with pride.

What do the Eco Warriors do?

At Barnfields, we believe that everyone should be looking after our environment and finding ways for our school to be more environmentally friendly. We are also keen to support environmental projects in our local area.

The Eco Warriors' responsibility:

The Eco Warriors have met to discuss their responsibilities within the school and have compiled a list of daily jobs that they are responsible for in their own classrooms. For example, they ensure that paper is put in the correct recycling bin, ensure lights are turned off and ensure that plants are properly cared for. They have recently delivered an Assembly to the whole school to introduce themselves and to launch a community project that the school has taken part in.

There's No Planet B Arts Festival

The Eco Warriors recently arranged for the school to submitt a display for the There No Planet B Festval held in St Chad's Church in Stafford. They took part in every stage of making this possible, from emailing staff to explain, delivering an Assembly to pupils, to choosing the artwork to be included and arranging it on the display boards.