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Health and Safety Team

What is Health and Safety Team?

The Health and Safety team is made up of staff and pupils at Barnfields Primary School. Mr Ball, Mr Locke, Mr Shenton and Mr Murday are the staff responsible for this team. Alongside them, there is a pupil from each class, who has been democratically elected, from the year groups 1-6. The representatives meet regularly to discuss the safety of the pupils and teachers. 

The representatives are easily recognisable across the school because they wear their badges with pride:

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What does the Health and Safety team do?

At Barnfields, we believe that everyone's safety comes first.  It is everyone's responsibility to make sure that all of our pupils and staff are safe. We have a number of procedures to ensure that we are safe at school and our Health and Safety representatives help to make sure that we have a safe environment to work in. 

The Health and Safety team's responsibility:

The representatives are in charge of assessing the classroom throughout the day and, if there are any issues that need fixing (for example, a spillage or chairs untucked) they can ensure that this is sorted. They regularly do spot checks of classrooms and cloakrooms to ensure that each year group is taking their safety responsibilities seriously. They will reward teachers and classes if they believe they are going above and beyond.

Why else do they do?

  • Meet regularly to discuss successes and any new issues that may arise. 
  • Suggest new ways that we can stay safe.
  • Help risk assess the classrooms, cloakrooms and playgrounds alongside a member of staff.
  • Check their own classroom and cloakroom to ensure it is complaint 

The Health and Safety pupils for 2023 - 2024 are: Mynhah, Penny, Ava, Brodie, Casey, Elsie, Florence, Aarav, Ariyan, Pheobe, Alice, Thomas, Cara and Frankie.