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History Intent

History at Barnfields Primary School is key to help children build up a clear, chronological understanding of the past of Britain and the wider world. Our teaching inspires children’s curiosity to know more about the past and equips them to ask perceptive questions, think critically, weigh evidence, sift arguments and develop perspective judgements. As children develop their understanding through school of the complexity of people’s lives from the past, they progress further by building their own understanding of the diversity in societies and relationships between different groups. Their progression through school builds their identity and creates for them an understanding of the past, equipping them with the wisdom to face challenges in their lives.

Our History Approach at Barnfields

Our ambitious, knowledge-engaged history curriculum enables the children at Barnfields to become historians. During each topic each year group will focus on the key areas of chronology, enquiry and knowledge.

Our curriculum is ambitious and will act as a progression model, with the Key Stage 2 curriculum sequenced in chronological order to help build the children’s understanding. Therefore, timelines will be regularly used to orientate pupils about the past and allow them to talk confidently about developments over time. By sequencing our learning pupils will find connections between societies and understand why people and events are relevant due to the affect they have had on our current society. Alongside Progression Grids, carefully constructed Medium Term Plans (MTP) are used to inform planning which ensures full coverage, identifying prior and future learning, where children can build on and apply their knowledge to subsequent learning year-on-year. 

History Curriculum Overview