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Barnfields Primary School Parent, Teachers and Friends Association (PTFA) is a registered charity run by a group of parents, teachers and carers. We are a fun and friendly group of people who all share the same passion to want to enrich, enhance and improve the learning experiences of every child in the school.

What do we do? 

Our main function as a PTFA is to help raise as much money as we can for the school and children, whilst also offering events and activities which strengthen the school experience for the children.  Like most PTFAs, the majority of the funds are raised through the fun events that we organise and run through the year including:

  • Christmas Fayre
  • Summer Fayre
  • Quiz Night 

Other Fundraising

There are also several other fundraising streams that are managed by the PTFA including:

  • Pre-loved Uniform 
  • Our School Lottery
  • Commission on the children’s Christmas Cards
  • Chrismas Tuck Shop
  • Cake Sale
  • Silver Trail 

Things we have helped to provide:

Over the past few years, the help from everyone has contributed to our fundraising. From donations of chocolate and wine for the tombola’s, fetching and carrying, folding raffle tickets, wrapping the Christmas Santa presents,or making cakes, so many have helped to fund the following:

  • New play equipment in the school playgrounds (KS1 trim trail)
  • New furniture for the school library
  • Purchasing new reading books across the school
  • Supporting the cost of keeping school technology in to date
  • Personalised hoodies for the Year 6 leavers
  • Providing a Year 6 leavers’ party

Our Communication

Communication is key to keeping the fundraising going for the school and for the children, and we are always working hard towards making this better.  We have a FACEBOOK page that is kept up to date with all the current information.  The PTFA Newsletter is distributed via email to all parents; this will also be uploaded on to the school website.  We can also be contacted via our email

How can you help?

Organising and running these events needs lots of help and support both with you coming along to support the events as well as sparing any time you can, as much or as little, to help! We are always happy to welcome new members. 

We are parents too and will be at the school on a regular basis with our children, so please don’t be afraid to talk with any committee member, or you can ask for some details from the staff at the school.