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Hello, everyone,

Welcome to the Year 5 page. Within this section of the website, you will find useful information you (or your child) may need for their learning. This may include information on trips, PE days, homework, timetables and much more.

Meet the team:

Mr Hardwick (5H)

Miss Mobley (5M)

Mr Davey (student teacher in 5H)

Mrs Kirkland and Mrs Maguire support learning across the year group.

Mrs Whittaker and Miss Manning (Sport/PE and Dance delivery)

Other members of staff your child may come across:

Mrs Davies (SENCO)

Mrs Turton (Phase Leader - Head of Years 5 and 6)

Key Information:

PE :

This is a crucial part of the curriculum and one in which all children should participate. All children in the school will have two hours of timetabled sport and PE per week. If your child is unable to take part (due to a medical reason) please provide a note.

From the start of the Summer Term, all year 5 children will participate in two sessions of sport every week. Both sessions will take place on a Friday, back to back.

Please remember that all long hair needs to be tied back and earrings removed. It would be beneficial that children come to school on days they have P.E. without earrings in if possible, please.

With P.E., please ensure that children come to school in appropriate attire. Most of the sessions will take place outside, so they will need warm items (appropriate tracksuit, hoodie, coat etc).


All homework is given out on a Friday and needs to be handed back in on the following Thursday. There may be the odd exception, but children will be clearly signposted, if for any reason, a hand-in day changes.

Homework consists of a mixture of maths and English, but are provided in order to consolidate learning. This means that any homework given will be based on what has happened in the lessons and children (in theory) should be able to access it independently. Unless stated, homework should take no longer than an hour per week. 

Please ensure that your children are reading and accessing TT Rock Stars at least 3-5 times per week. If your child is on Nessy (parents will have been notified of this), again, please ensure they are accessing this 3-5 times per week at home. Little and often is the key for TT Rock Stars and Nessy.

All children now have a reading record diary. They need to be recording their reading every week in this book. Teachers will check this weekly on a Monday. It is to be used for recording children's reading only; it is not a communication book between school and parents.

Key Date for Diary:

Upper Key Stage 2 (Years 5 and 6) Sports Day: Thursday 22nd June 2023 (am)

Curriculum and Learning:

During the Autumn Term, children will access a wide range of subjects within their learning. During reading and English sessions, we look at Holes, by Louis Sachar and a variety of books that inform our focus topic of 'Maya civilisation'. Maths will see children participate  lessons involving place value, addition and subtraction, and multiplication and division. Highlights towards the end of the term include the trip to Blists Hill Victorian town (which will support their learning going into the Spring Term when the focus topic shifts towards 'The Victorians').

During the Spring term, Year 5 will be learning about the Victorian period our history lessons, and this will also inform part of our English (both reading and writing) sessions. Books we read include Street Child and Houdini's Box and maths will see us continue to work with multiplication and division, amongst other concepts. Nearer Easter, we will be doing some cooking based on our Victorians topic and giving out more information about our day trip to Laches Wood.

During the Summer term, Year 5 wil be learning about the British Empire in history lessons, globalisation in our geography sessions and looking at art inspired by plastic pollution amongst other things. Books we read in our English sessions will include Cosmic, Farther and the Barnabus Project. Maths lessons wil see us undertake learning on decimals, converting different units and volume. Over the Sumer months, children are lucky enough to have specialist dance sessions within PE lessons delivered by Miss Manning alongside the fabulous PE we offer via our sports coach Mrs Whittaker.

Thank you, and any questions you may have please contact your child's class teacher through the school office. Alternatively, we are on the school gate most afternoons at the end of the school day.

Year 5 staff