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Year 6


Welcome to Year 6!

On this page you will find some important information about our curriculum this year. If you have any questions, then please contact your child's class teacher.


Meet the Team

Mrs Crosland-Nash (UKS2 Phase Leader/Year 6 Teacher)

Miss Quimby (Year 6 Teacher)

Mrs Kirkland (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Maguire (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Bright (Teaching Assistant)

We are also supported by Miss Ellis, Mrs Darlington, Mr Lowe and Miss Young.


Key Information 

Homework is given out weekly in Year 6. They will be given three pieces each week on a Friday and are expected to have this ready to mark in school the following Friday.

Please encourage your child to read as much as possible outside of school. It would be useful for all children to read a range of genres and authors over the course of the year as this will develop their knowledge and understanding substantially. Additionally, children can quiz on texts read via our Accelerated Reader programme used in school.

All children also have an individual login for TT Rock Stars.  It is imperative in Year 6 that children have a secure and quick recall of their times tables as it underpins many mathematical concepts.  TT Rock Stars can be accessed via the app, which is free to download or via their website: . If your child has any issues regarding logins or passwords, please ask them to speak to their class teacher.

Our P.E. day is Friday. Children are required to come into school in their school uniforms and get changed into P.E. kits before their lesson. Kits can be left in school for the half-term.


Important Dates:

13.05.24-16.05.24 - SATs week

04.06.24 - Warner Bros Studio tour: The making fo Harry Potter


Useful Links for Home Learning

Times Tables Rock Stars: Play (

Grammar - Year 6 English - BBC Bitesize

SATS - Key Stage 2 Arithmetic (

English programmes of study: key stages 1 and 2 (


Curriculum in Year 6

Summer Term 2024

As Year 6 children enter their final term of primary school, we have a busy term of learning and celebration ahead.

In English, we are working on writing projects to showcase our skills independently. Our projects include writing spooky stories based on the short film ‘Alma’ and writing a non-chronological report about a ‘Fantastic Beast’. Alongside this, children will be reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in preparation for our visit to the Warner Bros studio: the making of Harry Potter tour, which will further inspire some of our writing projects such as writing a dialogue based on a scene from Harry Potter. In our Art lessons, we will focus on the work of Jim Kay and his illustrations for the Harry Potter books, inspiring us to create our own piece of artwork.

During the summer term, our focus in History follows on from our work on the World Wars by looking at the Windrush movement. We will be finding out why many people from the Caribbean chose to relocate to the UK and what the UK was doing to encourage this. Our learning in History links with our reading text, 'The Windrush Child', which tackles many sensitive issues in an age-appropriate way. Maths during the Summer Term has a real focus on consolidation as we look to ensure the children are appropriately prepared for Maths at high school. In Geography, we will be exploring climate change and the impact that this has on our world.

We will be beginning our preparations for our production this term, beginning with learning the songs. As the term progresses, we will be auditioning and assigning parts ready to wow our family and friends when they come to watch. We have many activities planned in order to say farewell to our wonderful children and in relation to their transition to high school, so please keep an eye out for letters coming your way communicating these.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone by J.K. Rowling, Hardcover ...    Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Illustrated Edition : Rowling ...    Alma | Animation and Cartoons Wiki | Fandom   Image result for windrush child book

Spring Term 2024

In the Spring Term, we continue to develop our understanding of history by learning about World War II. We will be finding out about the causes of the war, key battles and dates, life on the home front and how it ended. Our reading curriculum is focused on the text 'Once' and we will be using a wide range of texts including Rose Blanche, Skyward and Last as a stimulus in our Writing lessons. Maths continues to prepare children for their SATs in May and their future learning at High School. Our topics this term include decimals, fractions, decimals and percentages, ratio, algebra and converting measures. In Art, we will be painting in the style of famous war painter, Evelyn Dunbar and in Science we will be looking closely at ways of classifying living things and evolution. Geography will see us further our understanding of the geographical make-up of the globe and in DT we will be constructing electrical alarm systems.


Autumn Term 2023

The Autumn Term is a very exciting one in Year 6! We are currently enthralled in our learning about the First World War. This term, we will be using Hilary Robinson's Peace Lily, Michael Foreman’s War Game and Shaun Tan's 'the Memorial' to stimulate our writing, and we have been enjoying 'The Skylark's War' as part of our Reading lessons. In History, we will be finding out how the Great War started and looking at how propaganda encouraged so many men to enlist. We will support our understanding of the war by undertaking an in-depth study of Europe in Geography. Art will see us produce our own clay poppy sculptures and we will design and make our own pair of slippers in DT.  Additionally, we of course have our residential trip to Condover after half-term which we are really looking forward to.

Book cover for Peace Lily.