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Welcome to Reception

Before we tell you all about the exciting things we do in Reception we would like to introduce to the staff.  Mrs Heath is the Early Years lead and the teacher in RH.  She is supported by her teaching assistant, Mrs Salt.  Miss Marshall is the teacher in RM and is supported by her teaching assistant, Mrs Wason. 


Autumn 1 Learning in Reception

We have had an amazing start to the Reception year with lots of inspiring learning opportunities.  Our main focus this half term has been phonics and the children have enjoyed being immersed in multi-sensory activities both inside and outdoors to help them remember all the individual letter sounds. 


Partnership with Parents

In Reception, we value working alongside parents and are happy to invite parents in to share in our learning. This term we have held a Literacy and a Maths workshop for Parents. In these we have explained how we teach Phonics, Reading, Writing and Maths in Reception and have given parents lots of ideas as to how to support their child's learning at home.


 10.10.19 Harvest

We also invited parents in to share our Harvest. The children performed some Harvest songs on the stage and then we shared some food together to remind us about sharing and being thankful for all that we have.


Autumn 2 Festivals and Light and Dark


To start us off, we looked at Diwali, the Festival of Light. Some of our parents, who celebrate Diwali, helped us with our learning. One Mummy came in to talk to the class and provided us with some traditional Indian clothes to use in our role play, another made us some Indian food for our Diwali party. Children who celebrate Diwali at home came dressed in traditional costume and enjoyed showing their friends the Mendhi patterns on their hands. We learnt all about the different traditions that surround this wonderful, colourful celebration and enjoyed making Diva lamps, Rangoli patterns and Diwali cards.

Bonfire Night

As part of our Light and Dark topic we have produced some amazing work all about fireworks! We wrote about what we could see on Bonfire Night and the sounds the fireworks made. We created amazing firework pictures using paint, chalk, glitter and even cake cases!. We used play dough, recycled and craft materials to make our own fireworks. We even made edible fireworks and enjoyed eating them!


To begin our Christmas celebrations, we invited parents and grandparents into school to join us to make Christmas crafts. We worked with a variety of mixed media to create a variety of decorations that we then took home to decorate our homes. We enjoyed eating mince pies, cakes and biscuits and listening to Christmas songs. We all had such a lovely time. What a wonderful festive morning!

We all wrote letters to Santa telling him what we would like for Christmas and were very excited when he wrote back to us!

We enjoyed practising for our Christmas Nativity. We learnt lots of songs and all had a special part in the Nativity. We performed it to KS1 and our brothers and sisters in the school and then to our parents. Everybody thought it was amazing! It reminded us all of the true meaning of Christmas.

Our last Christmas treat at school was a wonderful visit to the National Forest Adventure Farm. We had such a magical day and really loved all the activities. We met a Polar Bear called Marty and some of Santa's Elves. We also went on a tractor ride to spot real reindeers and pictures of snowmen and played in the exciting play barn too. Even the teachers went on the big drop slide! The highlight of the day was visiting Santa and choosing a present from his workshop.


Spring 1  Fairy Tales

To begin our new topic with a WOW! we all came back to school dressed as Fairy Tale characters. It was amazing to see the teachers and all our friends dressed up as different Fairy Tale characters and to hear them talking about who they were and what story they were from. We made our very own class Fairy Tale book.

We were also very excited to meet our class fairies who have come to stay with us to help us with our learning. They are very pretty and give us different challenges to do. We are all keen to help Twinkletoes and Sparkledust!

Our first Fairy Tale was Frozen which is based on the traditional story of The Snow Queen. We all enjoyed this story and were keen to talk about the characters and the setting. While we were learning about Frozen Twinkletoes and Sparkledust wrote to us to ask for our help and we had to do lots of investigations to help them. First, the Wicked Fairy had frozen the fairies'  magic jewels using powers like Elsa and they couldn't get back to Fairy Tale land without them. We had to help them by deciding what we could use or where we could put the frozen jewel so that the ice would melt as soon as possible. Another day, the fairies had to make different shaped chocolate treats for a party in Fairy Tale land but only had a solid block of chocolate and didn't know what to do. We sorted out the problem by melting the chocolate, pouring it into the moulds and then letting it set again! Whilst enjoying this story, we looked at the seasonal changes that winter brings.

The next Fairy Tale was Little Red Riding Hood. We learnt about healthy eating and what we can do to keep ourselves fit. We were set a challenge to think of the best way to help Little Red Riding Hood reach Grandma's cottage faster than the wolf. We looked at a map of the journey to the cottage and decided how to overcome various obstacles to beat the wolf. We then thought about what obstacles we could put on his path to slow the wolf down.

We then learnt about The Three Little Pigs. We couldn't believe that one pig built his house out of straw and one out of sticks. We have learnt lots about different types of houses and materials needed to build a house and we now know that bricks would be the best option!.

Our last Fairy Tale this half term was The Gingerbread Man. We all made Gingerbread Men and then we made a big class one to share and left him baking in the oven. When we went to get him out of the oven, he had gone! We followed clues to try and find him. He had run away because he didn't want to be eaten and had left us a letter and some little Gingerbread Men to eat. We all wrote our ideas of where he might have gone. It was lots of fun!