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Welcome to Reception

In Reception we have two reception classes. Each class has a Teacher and a Teaching Assistant. We have a beautiful learning environment consisting of two classrooms joined together by sliding doors. During our direct teaching times children learn in their own classroom with their own teacher and during our independent learning times, we can open the doors to create a vast learning space where children are free to explore the learning opportunities in each classroom. We also have a fantastic outdoor learning space which children can access throughout the day.

Meet the staff

Class RW is taught by Mrs Walker and their Teaching Assistant is Mrs Wason

Class RO'C is taught by Mrs O'Connor and their Teaching Assistant is Mrs Hollinshead


Key Information for Reception classes:

PE is on a Tuesday and Thursday.   During the Summer Term, children will get changed into their PE kits at school.

Reading books are sent home every Friday. Please spend time with your child reading and record what they have read in their reading log. Please make sure that the books are returned the following Monday. We also send home a library book which your child has chosen on a Friday, please enjoy reading this book to your child.

Please send in a waterbottle each day with your child filled with water.

Children also need to bring in a red Barnfields book bag each day and we will put any letters or information you may need into this.


Autumn 1 Learning in Reception

We have had an amazing start to the Reception year with lots of inspiring learning opportunities.  Our main focus this half term is phonics, and the children are enjoying being immersed in multi-sensory activities both inside and outdoors to help them remember all the individual letter sounds. For example, to reinforce the letter 'a' we invited the Animal Lady into school and had an exciting morning seeing and holding a variety of animals, we had a party and played pass the parcel and won prizes to reinforce the teaching of 'p' and had a teddy bear's tea party to support the teaching of 't'.

This half term in Maths we are introducing children to early number using Numberblocks, which helps to bring the numbers and ideas to life in the world around them.  We then teach key mathematical ideas that are embedded in the programmes such as key mathematical concepts and mathematical language.  The children then rehearse these skills practically through play.

Our topic this half term is 'Ourselves.' We have shared the story The Colour Monster which the children have loved. This has been a springboard for children to identify and discuss a range of emotions. We have even created sensory jars to represent the colours of the feelings in the book. The children really love holding these and talking about their own feelings. Next we will create our own self-portraits looking closely at our features and then using these to discuss our similarities and differences. We will be learning that we are all unique and discussing what makes us special.


Partnership with Parents

In Reception, we value working alongside parents and encourage parents to share in our learning. This term we have held a successful literacy evening and explained how we teach Phonics, Reading and Writing in Reception.  This will enable parents to better support their child's learning.  We truly believe that parents play the key role in children's learning. They are experts on their own children and they are a child's first and enduring educators. We encourage parents to be actively involved in their children's learning and welcome home observations detailing what their children have accomplished at home. These can be added to the children's Learning Journey on Tapestry.